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Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

The best daily news about organics, consumer issues, the environment, agriculture, fair trade, globalization and health.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Reveals the Hidden Dangers of Electric Fields

A wide array of factors affect the health of your home — and you. This includes factors that affect indoor air quality, such as mold, chemical outgassing, radon, asbestos, lead, natural gas, carbon monoxide and more. Then there's the EMF sources. The four primary sources of EMFs are electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequencies and dirty electricity from harmonic frequencies.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Whole Foods Delays GMO Labeling Rollout

In a email to suppliers today, Whole Foods Market executives announced that the company will delay the rollout of its planned GMO Labeling Policy. The natural retailer had previously announced it would require suppliers of food products to “label products that contain genetically modified (GMO) risk ingredients and were not third-party verified as non-GMO or organic.”

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

We're All Zucked

Thanks to colliding scandals surrounding fake news and the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is dealing with the greatest crisis in its history. But it remains to be seen whether the social platform will suffer a mass user exodus—Google searches for how to delete Facebook spiked enormously in March— or face onerous regulations.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Socialists and Progressives Just Trounced the Democratic Establishment

If members of the Democratic Party establishment weren't already worried, after Tuesday night, they should be. In primaries across the country, at least eight candidates running on explicitly progressive platforms won out, including open socialists and political newcomers who took out longtime incumbents.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Spending Time in a Sauna Can Reduce Your Risk for a Stroke

  • Saunas are not as popular in America as they are in Finland, where they may be as widespread as television sets, and demonstrate the potential to significantly reduce your risk of stroke with consistent use. Your skin is a major organ of elimination; sweating is an important way to eliminate toxins and waste products, control your body temperature and clean your pores — all benefits of sauna use. Additional benefits from saunas include improved cognitive function and reduced risk of dementia, pain relief, improved athletic performance, limiting cell damage and facilitating cell recovery.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

How Walking Benefits Your Health and Longevity

Inactivity is the fourth biggest killer of adults worldwide, responsible for 9 percent of premature deaths. Walking more, ideally daily, can go a long way toward reducing this risk. Walking for 20 to 25 minutes per day has been found to add anywhere from three to seven years to your life span. Smokers may also increase their life span by nearly four years by walking regularly. Walking can be tremendously beneficial for those struggling with chronic diseases such as obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Beyond Flint: Contaminated Drinking Water is Everywhere in America

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, became a national news story, and for good reason. Republican leaders in the state were finally forced to take steps to stop the poisoning of Flint's drinking water with lead and other toxins, foisted on the community as part of a short-sighted cost-cutting measure. Despite improvements, the future of Flint's water supply is uncertain, but at least that story has brought increased attention to the problem of lead in water in many large cities, including Chicago.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

California Is Turning Farms Into Carbon-Sucking Factories

In a grand experiment, California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines last month. Funded by the state's cap-and-trade program, they're designed to reverse climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. These wonderfully complex machines are more high-tech than anything humans have designed. They're called plants.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Slaying Homeopathy and Americans' Freedom of Health Choices

During the past decades, an ethos has arisen, associated with the American Medical Association, the pharmaceutical industry, professional organizations, medical publications, media health reporters and legislators largely benefitting from the largess of private drug companies adamantly pushing to limit our medical choices. 

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

How Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Every feeling you have affects some part of your body. While positive emotions such as gratitude have been scientifically linked to a number of beneficial health effects, negative emotions and stress can wreak havoc. Certain emotions are known to be associated with pain in certain regions of your body. For example, depressed individuals will often experience chest pains, even when there's nothing physically wrong with their heart. A biochemical cascade occurs during a bout of anger. Adrenaline and noradrenaline are released, raising your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. Blood is pushed to your extremities, including your face, which may turn red.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

The Great Gut Flora War: Why the Bacteria In Your Gastrointestinal Tract Matters

Without getting ahead of ourselves, we can start by noting that the key to staying healthy and free of inflammation and chronic illness is a well-functioning intestinal flora. Simply put, this flora is the bacteria and microorganisms that exist naturally in the intestine.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Bipartisan Outrage as EPA, White House Try to Cover Up Chemical Health Assessment

Citing a potential “public relations nightmare,” the Trump administration successfully stopped the publication of a study measuring the health effects of a group of hazardous chemicals found in drinking water and household products throughout the United States. Many of the contaminated sites are on military bases across the country and affect military families directly. 

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Report: Toxic Algae Are Growing Threat to Water, Human Health

Outbreaks of potentially harmful algae are a growing problem in waterways across the United States including Minnesota, according to a new report.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Gut Feeling

I was mostly fooling the other day, when I said: “Must be climate change.” I was in yet another doctor's office, doling out obscene amounts of money to be told yet another time that there's no official diagnosis for what ails my stomach.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

New Study: EPA's 'Safe' Levels of this Chemical in Your Food Aren't So Safe After All

Last summer, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced that our testing of Ben & Jerry's popular ice cream flavors for glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller) turned up positive results in 10 of 11 samples we tested.

Our critics fired back that the glyphosate levels we found were “well below” the levels that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us are “safe.”

In other words, relax! A little bit of Monsanto Roundup weedkiller in your ice cream is nothing to fret over.

Now a new pilot study, soon to be published in the prestigious scientific journal Environmental Health, suggests that EPA “safe” levels aren't safe at all—especially for kids.

Will this new evidence lead to a ban on glyphosate? Hard to tell, given what we know about possible collusion in the past between Monsanto and the EPA to keep consumers in the dark about how toxic Roundup and glyphosate are to human health. Plus we're now dealing with an EPA that favors hiding the truth about toxic chemicals from the public, over protecting the chemical industry's image.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Demand for Eco-Friendly Fabrics Propels Organic Cotton Farming in India

Barku Jairam, a 55-year-old farmer from Barwani of Madhya Pradesh, has taken up cultivating organic cotton, which he claims, has significantly brought down input costs besides ensuring a decent yield.

The demand for organic cotton from global apparel companies has prompted 1,000-odd farmers in the state to switch to eco-farming to grow cotton using bio-fertilisers and pesticides manufactured from medicinal plants.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Food Apartheid: The Root of the Problem With America's Groceries

America's sustainable food movement has been steadily growing, challenging consumers to truly consider where our food comes from, and inspiring people to farm, eat local, and rethink our approaches to food policy. But at the same time, the movement is predominantly white, and often neglects the needs and root problems of diverse communities.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Dems Demand Release of 'Nightmare' Toxicology Study

Congressional Democrats yesterday expressed outrage that the Department of Health and Human Services still hasn't published a toxicology study that a White House official earlier this year described as a "potential public relations nightmare."

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

A New Farming Technique Using Drastically Less Water Is Catching On

Filipino melon grower Denis Miguel was intrigued to hear of a young Indian farmer who in 2011 had broken the world record for growing rice by using an unconventional method of cultivation that needed only half as much water and one-tenth as many seeds but resulted in spectacular yield increases.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

How Seeds from War-Torn Syria Could Help Save American Wheat

As temperatures rise, pests and diseases are moving north into the U.S. heartland, killing crops and diminishing yields. To combat this, researchers are turning to a wild grass variety whose seeds were smuggled out of Syria as the bombs fell. 

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Look & See: Words of Wisdom, and Hope, From Wendell Berry

“I think when the traditional people disappear, the traditional values will disappear.”

So says Wendell Berry in a recent film that portrays the changing landscape and shifting values of rural America and describes the lives of farmers who have been deeply affected by the industrial agricultural era.

“Look & See: Wendell Berry's Kentucky” features observations by this prominent writer, farmer and activist on how the agrarian way of life has been lost.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Can Cannabis Fight Tumors?

Cannabinoids interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. It has a long history of use for pain and seizure disorders. Doctors working with medical cannabis are also using it to treat cancer-related side effects, and evidence suggests the herb may even have antitumor effects all on its own. Cannabis is proapoptotic, meaning it triggers cellular suicide of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched, and antiangiogenic, meaning it cuts off a tumor's blood supply.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)


In May 2017, the global biotech and seed industry lobby groups landed in Budapest for their annual congress. They launched a joint campaign with one key goal: to get governments worldwide to adopt a zero-regulation approach to new genetic modification (GM) techniques, often termed gene-editing techniques. 

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Switzerland to Vote on Pesticide Ban 'in 3 Years'

More than 100,000 Swiss signed the call for a ban that would apply to all farmers, industries and imported foods.

If the vote is passed, Switzerland would become only the second country after Bhutan to implement a full ban.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Pilot Study Shows Consumers Should Be Concerned About So-Called 'Safe' Levels of Glyphosate-Based Weedkillers

The OCA today issued the following statement on the announcement by the Global Glyphosate Study that preliminary test results of a single-dose study on glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs) in rats, using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines for "safe levels" produced adverse health effects in rats.

International Director Ronnie Cummins said:

“For years, the U.S. EPA has dismissed consumer concerns about glyphosate-based weedkillers in their drinking water and in their food, claiming that exposure to the chemical at low levels is harmless. This new pilot study confirms what many responsible scientists have been saying all along: There is no such thing as ‘safe' levels when it comes to glyphosate, especially when it comes to children...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

What Big Meat Doesn't Want You to Know about Slaughterhouses

It has happened at slaughterhouses run by Smithfield Foods, Swift and Agriprocessors.

Now U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has swooped down on Southeastern Provision, a cattle slaughterhouse in Bean Station, Tennessee.

On April 5, with helicopters chopping overhead, 97 workers, mostly Hispanic, were detained by ICA. That left a workforce of only three. According to an article in the New Yorker, 32 of the detainees were released the same day, 54 were kept in detention and 10 were arrested for defying previous deportation orders.

Original news reports about the raid stressed the immigration detentions. But it was soon learned that the raid, conducted jointly by ICE and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was triggered by suspicious cash withdrawals by the slaughterhouse owners. The millions in withdrawals were allegedly used to pay workers in cash in order to avoid paying payroll taxes. The owners of the slaughterhouse operation owe at least $2.5 million in back payroll taxes, according to federal authorities.

But the raid led to other revelations, including evidence that Southeastern Provision's undocumented workers were handling harsh chemicals without proper eye protection, and were not paid extra for overtime. Some earned only $6 an hour.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Polluting Pigs Hit With Big Penalty

Murphy Brown LLC, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer, has been hit with lawsuits from more than 500 North Carolina residents who say their operations and manure lagoons are harming their health and lowering property values. In April 2018, a federal jury ruled in the favor of area residents, awarding the plaintiffs a collective $750,000 in compensation plus another $50 million in damages; the lawsuit is the first of 26 nuisance lawsuits filed against Murphy Brown. In 2017, North Carolina legislators passed a law setting a cap on how much people can receive from public nuisance lawsuits; the law, which was drafted by politicians who have received donations from pork producers, will not apply to lawsuits already in progress but will significantly limit those going forward.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Toxic Weed Killer Found in Most Foods Sold in the US

  • Between 1974 — the year glyphosate entered the U.S. market — and 2014, glyphosate use in the U.S. increased more than 250 fold. Few people had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine in 1993, but by 2016, 70 percent had detectable levels. Between 1993 and 2016, the glyphosate levels in people's bodies increased by 1,208 percent. While both the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Data Program and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) measure pesticide residues in foods, neither include glyphosate in their official testing.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Packaging Congress: Germany Says Goodbye to the Plastic Bag

According to a survey by the Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V. dvi, the time of the plastic bag is over: Over 80% of German consumers bring their own shopping bags.

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Global Protests: March Against Monsanto #MAM

The organisation March Against Monsanto #MAM announced that 2018 May 19th will be the date for the 7th international March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. 

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

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