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Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

The best daily news about organics, consumer issues, the environment, agriculture, fair trade, globalization and health.

Legal Weed's No. 1 Warrior Puts down His Pipe

Ethan Nadelmann is retiring after 20 years of leading the successful movement to reform marijuana laws in dozens of states. He's worried about the future under Trump.

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What's So Great About Oregano?

You may already know that oregano is the "secret" herb that takes tomato sauce to a new level of savory and can even put flavor in butter sauces and chicken dishes that have people begging you for your recipes.

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How to Grow Tasty Bell and Chili Peppers in Your Garden

Bell peppers and chili peppers are common staples that add flavor and color to your meals. They're also easy to grow, even in small spaces.

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Crushing Blow to Soy Processors as Chinese Grow Wary on GMO

A Chinese consumer backlash against genetically modified (GMO) crops is beginning to dent demand for soy oil, the nation's main cooking oil, and could spell crisis for the multi-billion-dollar crushing industry, which depends on GMO soybeans from the United States and elsewhere.

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Experts Explain the Real Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Milk

The real deal on antibiotics and hormones.

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NOSB Decides on Organic Livestock, Delays Hydroponics Decision

Last week, at its spring meeting in Denver, Colorado, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted unanimously to recommend that the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule become effective immediately.

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Insulin Resistance Speeds up Cognitive Decline

We are facing a tsunami of Alzheimer's disease. It's often said that the underlying causes of Alzheimer's disease are unknown, but there are numerous theories.

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9/11 Destroyed America

The events on September 11, 2001, changed the world. It was the excuse for the US government to launch military attacks on seven Middle Eastern countries, causing civilian casualties in the millions and sending waves of Muslim refugees into the Western world.

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The Serious Dangers of Tampons—and You Have to Pay Taxes on Them as Well

Now that we're living under a political regime hostile to women's health, there's more risk than ever for those using this essential commodity.

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Noam Chomsky: The Republican Party Is the 'Most Dangerous Organization in World History'

Outlandish? Well, no. "The party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand."

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Still Think the FDA Looks out for Consumers?

While the national movement that swept Donald Trump into office leaned heavily on a “Drain the Swamp” slogan, FDA officials are filling the swamp with more murky water and many of them are leaving the agency en masse to work at a Big Pharma consulting/lobbying firm.

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Where Is the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of Foreign Policy?

Democrats are in the midst of a furious struggle over what they stand for and who is included in their coalition, yet on foreign policy questions, their silence is deafening.

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Half the World Is Drinking Contaminated Water

The 1972 U.S. Clean Water Act was supposed to ensure clean water for swimming, fishing and drinking. Unfortunately, after more than four decades of regulations, American waterways are in serious jeopardy.

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Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

Vitamin D, often referred to as "the sunshine vitamin," is different from other vitamins in that it influences your entire body.

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Will the Third Industrial Revolution Create an Economic Boom That Saves the Planet?

Jeremy Rifkin's thinking about how to build a clean-energy powered, automation-filled future is inspiring major infrastructure plans in Europe and China. Can his new Vice documentary convince American business leaders to buy in?

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Nearly 200 Million Chickens, Turkeys and Cows Are Making a Mess of the Shenandoah River

As he paddled Virginia's Shenandoah River on a hot day last July, Mark Frondorf came upon a father and two children. “They were just tubing down the river, just two little munchkins, happy as can be,” he said. It was a idyllic sight — except for the herd of cows Frondorf noticed wading on the water's edge nearby.

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Fracking Kills Newborn Babies - Polluted Water Likely Cause

A new study in Pennsylvania, USA shows that fracking is strongly related to increased mortality in young babies.

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Obesity "Frightening" in Latin America, Driving Disease and Draining Economies- U.N.

While the number of hungry people in Latin America and the Caribbean has halved in the last 25 years, the region is now struggling with an obesity epidemic.

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Attacks on Cargill over Non-GMO Moves Based on Fear

When grain processing giant Cargill recently tweeted that it was working closely with the Non-GMO Project about verifying the company's ingredients, GMO supporters had a Twitter fit.

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Marijuana Goes Industrial in California

SALINAS, Calif. — This vast and fertile valley is often called the salad bowl of the nation for the countless heads of lettuce growing across its floor. Now California's marijuana industry is laying claim to a new slogan for the valley: America's cannabis bucket.

After years of marijuana being cultivated in small plots out of sight from the authorities, California cannabis is going industrial.

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It's Impossible to Support Single-Payer and Defend Obamacare

It's impossible to promote single payer and defend Obamacare at the same time.

It's impossible to have a credible unity tour between Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez.

It's impossible to call yourself a populist and defend a law written by insurance industry lobbyists.

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Other Viewpoints on the Science March, 'Big Agro on Campus'

Dr. Devon G Peà±a wrote a piece, March for Science: Why I Will Not be Marching with the ‘Liberal Nerds‘ referencing The March for Science, a series of rallies and marches held in Washington, D.C. and more than 600 other cities across the world on Earth Day, April 22.

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Cornel West and Former Sanders Staffer on Movement to Draft Bernie for a New "People's Party"

former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has emerged as one the country's most popular politicians. The Hill reports a Harvard-Harris poll shows 57 percent of registered voters view him favorably. Meanwhile, some former Sanders supporters have launched a movement to "Draft Bernie for a People's Party," urging him to start a new progressive party and run for president again in 2020. 

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Who Needs Trump? It Takes Only a Few Countries to Kickstart Shift to Low Carbon Energy System

Triggering a global transformation of our energy systems as required by the Paris Agreement does not take the whole world; it can be started by just a small group of countries, according to a new Climate Action Tracker report.

The global rise of renewable energy, which accounted for over half of all new electricity installations in 2015, was a result of strong actions by just a few countries, according to “Faster & Cleaner 2: kickstarting global decarbonization,” released April 20 by the Climate Action Tracker and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

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How Climate Change Leads to Violent Conflict Around the World

UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon stated that the fighting in Darfur was linked to climatic pressures: "It is no accident," he declared, "that the violence in Darfur erupted during the drought." Like all postcolonial conflicts, this war resulted from numerous intertwined factors, but Ban Ki-Moon was at least right to say that the ecology of the conflict is of decisive importance for understanding how it broke out and then went on to unfold. 

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Smithfield Is Engineering Pigs for Use in Human Transplants

The world's largest pork producer, Smithfield Foods, is branching out from ham and bacon toward the business of organ transplantation. The CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) giant has even created a new bioscience unit for this purpose, in the hopes of growing pig organs that could one day be transplanted into humans.

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Study Shows Slashing Pesticides Won't Hurt Production

"The reduction of pesticide use is one of the critical drivers to preserve the environment and human health," according to recent research published in Nature Plants and I couldn't agree more.

Even many farmers are interested in cutting their usage, especially in the midst of growing lawsuits alleging that the most commonly used herbicide, glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), may be causing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in farmers.

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Modern Agriculture Drives Hunger, Obesity and Disease While Simultaneously Threatening Food Chain and Worsening Water Crisis

Agriculture is necessary for food production, and therefore for life, the farmer would have said with firm conviction — and farming the land or raising cattle is not going to unduly harm anything or anyone.

Today, however, such an impossible scenario is precisely what we're facing. Virtually every growing environmental and health problem can be traced back to modern food production. 

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MASSACHUSETTS: News from MA Right to GMOs!

MASSACHUSETTS: News from MA Right to GMOs!

MA Right to Know GMOs asked us to share the good news—it is now Regeneration Massachusetts! 

Stay in the loop! Sign up for ongoing news from Regeneration Massachusetts. 

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How Mainstream Media Insults the Public's Intelligence on Vaccines

There is a bitter war going on, and it's not over Trumpcare or immigration: It is about vaccines.

Mainstream media and medical groups, typically funded or backed by Big Pharma, cast parents who are skeptical about vaccines as conspiracy theorists whose backward beliefs put the public at risk.

Vaccine skeptics cast vaccine promoters as paid shills, hired by Big Pharma to cover up documented vaccine-related injuries.

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