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Health and Beauty - RAW PASSION



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proudly made in West Sussex byViola
~ nice skin never goes out of fashion ~

RAW PASSION is a West Sussex, UK based business, specialising in delicious, gorgeous, nourishing, RAWsome100% Organic Vegan Ethical Cruelty-Free Skin Food for ALL the needs of your skin. As nature intended. 100% purity. Totally NAKED! Naturally affordable! NO nasty anything! Yes, one could claim fit for human consumption. We NEVER EVER add water! And we NEVER EVER use plastic containers! Our skin care is second to none!

On my journey I encountered a surprising amount of chemicals in skin care products. To my own disappointment I discovered that many companies do not even put a portion of the chemicals that they put in their products on the label. That meant that even if the product looked natural by reading its ingredients, it still could contain hundreds of ingredients that could disrupt hormones, cause skin damage, or even worse, be carcinogenic.

I created my RAW PASSION100% Organic Vegan Skin Care line because I could not find anything that fit my standards of purity, exquisite quality as well as ethical values. So I created a line that is natural, beyond organic, that made me feel amazing from how it smells to how it feels to how it works to how it makes me glow!

RAW PASSION products work on so many levels. Not only as skin care, but also as a tool to change the way you feel before, during, and after you use our skin care range. The feel and delicious smells are exquisite. You will immediately start to notice a difference. Your skin will not only be silky and glowing, but you will wonder what you did without your RAWsomeRAW PASSION nourishing skin food.

RAW PASSION is the manifestation of my own personal Journey. Past, present and future focus. The extension of all I am, all I stand for. Being a mother to five children and grand-mother to eight, kind of lead me to researching & studying various topics & subjects. From drugs & toxic medication to the dangers of vaccination to diet & health to Spiritualism, Shamanism & Positive Thinking, to all things natural and organic, training as a Raw Food Coach, my younger daughter’s horrific skin condition of severe eczema as a baby, long travels, extensive Shamanic work, the loss of my two gorgeous grandsons, caring 3 years for my dying father, a freak accident that put me in a wheelchair to finding freedom in leaving a toxic 12 year relationship with a multi-millionaire, to the love of Shadow, my HERO and gorgeous epi Dalmatian. one said it be easy, we all walk our path at a different pace and my goal has always been and will always be to help people interested in making better choices for themselves. Who thrive to be positive. Who respect their body and what they put IN to it and also what they put ON to it.

My long-term aim is to enhance people’s lives with the vision to create jobs, save animals, build a self sustained retreat center and sacred space for adults, children and families of all walks of life and in need.

Creation date : 01/02/2016 @ 17:35
Last update : 02/02/2016 @ 07:26
Category : Health and Beauty
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