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Oil in the Raw (Cornwall)

Oil in the Raw

St. Dominick,
PL12 6TE,

telephone: 01579 351178

For real, original, unrefined, extra-virgin, certified organic, first cold-pressed olive oil, look no further. This is how olive oil should be. Taste and discover for yourself.

We supply discerning individuals and families, quality restaurants and hotels, independent delicatessens with best olive oil and olives, organically produced, from single estates in Greece.
This produce, from our local olive farmers in the south of the Peloponnese, is precisely what the Greeks themselves consume in their own rural villages and is brought to you direct from the olive press in cans sealed at the time of the harvest.

The word “raw” is part of our business name because we feel it aptly describes the produce we offer.
It is also descriptive of our ethos.
There is no fancy packaging, no snazzy brochures, and no fuss.
Oil in the Raw offers precisely that: raw olive oil, from individual farmers, unblended; the product of squashed olives.
The significance of this detail is that all natural vitamins and minerals of olive oil are still present when it is consumed.
The added bonus of our oils and olives being certified organic means that they are pure.
Besides, we think organic tastes better.

Food recipes - browse through the contributions from some of our trade customers using our olive oil and olives. Or, try eating them raw; it's like dying and going to heaven...

Kalli orexi!